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Reflections before our shops two year anniversary: Tears

Bittersweet Ever since I create the Facebook event to celebrate the shop turning two years old, I have been doing a lot of reflection of everything that has happened the last two years…bad idea! Instead of the expected excitement of the celebrations ahead, I have gone down a spiral of sadness. When you follow your dreams, you have these stupid expectations at the beginning that it’s going to be the best thing ever and that you are going to wake up every day, stupidly happy with birds singing outside your window just like the Disney movies. You know there’s going...

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Nerves and Kind Words

It will be Sweet As Eeeeek! Second blog post! Thanks everyone for the great feedback from my first ever blog. I have been thinking a lot about what to write for this post. Had lots of ideas but the one that stood out the most was inspired by a recent event, where I did my first ever public talk! Yikes. I was full of nerves. I recently went on this amazing 3 day “Unconference” with 120 women in business out of Wellington. The Unconference was called “Women Who Get Shit Done”. (I’ve been thinking lots about how I am actually...

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Why is the company called Sweet Release?

My Sweet Release A couple of weeks ago,  I shared my story on Twitter and was surprised to hear that even our regular customers didn't know the story behind the name of the company. So after many, many months of contemplating writing a blog, I decided that sharing this story was probably a good place to start. First blog post, here we go... About three years ago, I was finally allowed back out into the world after being stuck in isolation for weeks following my thyroid radiation treatment. I was so happy to be back out that even when someone bumped...

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