Nerves and Kind Words

It will be Sweet As

Eeeeek! Second blog post! Thanks everyone for the great feedback from my first ever blog.

I have been thinking a lot about what to write for this post. Had lots of ideas but the one that stood out the most was inspired by a recent event, where I did my first ever public talk! Yikes. I was full of nerves.

I recently went on this amazing 3 day “Unconference” with 120 women in business out of Wellington. The Unconference was called “Women Who Get Shit Done”. (I’ve been thinking lots about how I am actually getting any shit done with the chaos of running a business.) On this weekend, I met a new friend called Jen who hosts “The Watercooler” – an event where various guest speakers share their stories, centred around a particular theme - at Bats Theatre. We didn’t even get a chance to talk about it during the weekend but I’m pretty sure it was my lipsynch skills to TLC’s No Scrubs that won her over…over the weekend, I accidentally joined a lipsync battle. I thought everyone was just dancing so I was pulling off some dance moves I learned in the 90s. I remember I had to keep asking Hiria next to me why no one else was dancing to such a cool song! Hahahaha. The stuff I get myself into!

 I later received an email from Jen to be a speaker at The Watercooler’s storytelling night which had a theme of “Reboot”. A mixture of my IT experience and my sickness came to mind instantly to work around the theme but I was so nervous. I was nervous from the time I accepted her offer right down to the middle of my talk.

I nervously announced it to my Facebook friends and on Twitter. I was flooded with amazing kind words.


On the actual night, I was even more nervous. I donned my red Wonder Woman boots to give me an extra boost of courage and brought some baking in…it felt weird to talk about baking and not bring any in!

The other storytellers of the night were beaming with confidence, they were dancing and swaying to the music while I tried to stop my nervous leg tapping. I soon learnt that they all did improv regularly and thought, “fuck, my talk is gonna be so messy compared to them”.  They were so lovely and tried to calm my nerves down too. I did my talk, I remember my voice quavering and squeals happening in my head of “OMFG, everyone is quiet and I’m the only one talking…into a microphone!” Then I heard this tiny whisper from the audience “OMG, she is amazing”. It melted my nerves. Someone out there was enjoying my story. I mentally picked up myself and continued with the tale of how my illness rebooted me from my IT life into the baking world. I was so worried all week that I didn’t have enough things to say within the timeframe we were given and it was only afterwards that my partner told me, I went waaaaay over the time. OOOPS. Sorry Jen.

I proudly announced on Twitter and Facebook that I did it, I lost my public speaking virginity. Again, I was flooded with kind words.


So, I’ve been thinking all week. How do I get so much shit done? There’s a lot of factors but one of them is definitely the amazing support I have around me. I feel very lucky to have amazing people around me to encourage me go out of my comfort zone. Ever since I decided to start Sweet Release, I have always been surrounded by my “cheerleaders”. Thank you, you don’t know how much your kind words have helped me achieve what I have.




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