About Us

Sweet Release Cakes and Treats is not just about delicious food; for Kristine Bartley,  founder and head baker, it truly is a release. In 2011, Hyperthyroidism came out of nowhere and Kristine couldn’t work for nearly a whole year because of it. To occupy her time and because there were no cookies left in the cupboard, she turned to baking for an escape and fell in love with it. Eight months at home meant Kristine could hone her skills, and over the years she moved onto tricky cakes and fussing with fondant. 

When she finally went back to working in IT,baking for fundraisers and testing all her creations on her co-workers, it wasn’t long before every bite was followed with cries of “You should open your own business!” Soon, dreams of leaving her job and baking everyday began to take shape and the planning and saving began. Then in August 2014, Sweet Release Cakes and Treats opened in a Wellington foodcourt. 

The Sweet Release team moved into their own shop inside Willis St Village Group. It was hidden and small but it served the team well. Sweet Release now has a store on the street with inside seating and have dedicated to being a fully vegan cafe. Come find us on 134 Willis St.